Project profile

The first one in the world based on STO architecture integrates the credit of corporate currency, the circulation of legal currency, the encryption and untamperability of virtual currency, and applies the construction, planning and implementation standards of IPO credit system on the chain to a comprehensive reform chain system.

BICAC is a distributed credit ecology based on value network, which pertinently applies blockchain technology system to all kinds of business trust scenarios. BICAC can effectively provide customized credit solutions for all kinds of industries existing in the real world and virtual space, relying on high-performance public ownership chain, cross-chain integrated credit system, modular business structure and certificate economy system, reshaping social credit with decentralized value network, and serving the overall situation of the development of human civilization.

BICAC value network distributed credit ecology, through the technical realization of credit, builds a decentralized trust system, abstracts the scenarios of diversified credit problems in real society into various universally applicable models of interaction between credit entities, and obtains reusable distributed credit solutions through full cooperation with various business chains and external sources. From this rating function came into being the BICAC development project on the chain, officially launched in line with the global ToKEN chain ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) credit testing (block chain credit 1.0 platform) in the later stage to improve the testing function, value space and permanent record-related information services on the chain! To solve the framework trust and technical support between subjects, with the improvement of the BICAC system, there is no risk between points and points, points and areas.


Main advantages

Four highlights


Get the certificate incentive according to the value to realize the decentralized autonomy of the credit rating division.

True and reliable

Innovative double-chain structure adopted,
The users are secured to easily control their information

Rapid growth

Token economic system
The one hundred billion-level market is boosted effectively

Great potential

The output value of the global credit testing industry has exceeded that of the film, music and game industries combined.

Roadmap for product

  • 2019

    Set up a technical team and set up a foundation

    December 2018

    Credit system certification project launched

    August 2018

    Credit procedure framework begins to be built

    May 2019

    Implement the decentralization mechanism, the partner applies for the plan

    October 2019

    HomeRloc community detonated, road show promotion at home and abroad

    February 2019

  • PLAN

    January 2020

    Get a round A angel investment of $3 million

    March 2020

    Launch of mainstream exchanges

    Q1 2022

    Synchronous launch of main network test system by BICAC


    The test system is open for commercial use, and the letter of intent for IPO is completed at the same time.

Core team



Graduated from the computer Science Department of the National University of Singapore, BlackRock Investment Fund Management, New York, USA, a famous blockchain technology expert, once studied finance in Silicon Valley, and then transferred to the blockchain technology field. The Genesis team began in 2012.



Us insurance watchdog (NAIC) serves as risk officer Hong Kong Fund Investment Management serves as chief risk officer of the Genesis team in 2016



Sales Manager of Marketing Department of perfect Asia Co., Ltd., famous real estate project sales manager, chief customer officer of Genesis team in 2017.


Community leader

Once worked in the United States, Japanese investment company as the management director, computer II, familiar with the operation of computer, senior salesman, professional qualification level 4. Have a rich marketing knowledge system as the foundation; have a certain understanding of the frontiers and trends of marketing, be good at analyzing and absorbing experience; cheerful personality, easy to get along with, strong sense of honor of the team. He is now the head of the BICAC GLOBAL community.



The chief data scientist of Belvedor graduated from Nanyang University of Technology. Years of research in the field of AI machine learning. He has five years of working experience in Silicon Valley in the United States, and has been engaged in blockchain technology research during his time in Silicon Valley, and has published many works. He is a veritable blockchain technology expert. He holds the title of IBM Academician and is one of the founders of IBM Websphere software.